August 3, 2008

The Bogus Intel Game - Rated: PG

as explained by Philip Giraldi,

Some intel types are beginning to express concerns that the Israelis might do something completely crazy to get the US involved. There are a number of possible “false flag” scenarios in which the Israelis could insert a commando team in the Persian Gulf or use some of their people inside Iraq to stage an incident that they will make to look Iranian, either by employing Iranian weapons or by leaving a communications footprint that points to Tehran’s involvement.

The unstated premise for Morris's rant is the assumption that only Israel can be trusted to have nuclear weapons in the Middle East and that Israel has the right to act preemptively if any other country has the temerity to seek to obtain weapons of its own. While this is a formula that would guarantee Israeli regional supremacy it is a policy that is far from reassuring for Tel Aviv's neighbors, most of whom have been on the receiving end of Israel's conceit that it can strike whenever and wherever it wishes. Being victimized by a paranoid Israeli regime is a virtual guarantee that the country that has been assaulted will seek a "weapon of mass destruction" to deter such attacks, ironically providing less security for the Israelis rather than more.

more lies for more war. who's your messiah now...
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  1. Looks like some Iranian website picked up this interview, this you-tube has over 800 hits on part 1.

  2. that's good. at least someone is taking an interest in at least part of it. the two-part version of Charles' speech that I put up on YT has about double the views on part1 than part2. I wonder how Joe Briggs get to post 1hr long pieces on YT?

  3. I think it has to do with when you registered with You-tube, people who registered some time ago are able to put up long videos, but if you registered more recently you can only put up 10 minute clips, have no idea why that is though, very strange.

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  5. I could see that if he originally registered as a "Director" at the time in '06, but you and I joined before he did so it isn't just by sign-up date alone. I was thinking of getting in touch with him anyway, about if he would have any interest in being part of a media roundtable segment that might be setting up for next years Liberty Forum in Nashua, NH., so I could ask him about it then. it's no big deal, just hope they don't take it away from him.

    looks like they finally fixed the autoplay and background image bugs over there. their communications with the help forum over there is a joke. :/